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Flight and travel information to Altenburg Leipzig, Germany

Altenburg Leipzig (AOC) airport is not really close to Leipzig but lies 30 miles distance south of Leipzig city, However it is a location for some cheap summer and winter flights to central Germany. Leipzig itself is just over 100 miles southwest of Berlin, see also flights to Berlin. Dresden, Chemnitz, Gera, Werdau, Weissenfelz, Glauchau and Zwickau are some of the surrounding town in this former East Germany region.
Currently the only low cost airline flying direct to Altenburg Leipzig airport is Ryanair, see the Ryanair website for the latest fares.

Transfer from Altenburg Leipzig (AOC) Airport, Germany
Altenburg - Nobitz airport is close to the charming town of Altenburg, province of Thuringia, and lies 30 miles south of Leipzig city. It is a tiny basic airport with over 200 free parking places directly in front of the terminal.
Taxi Available in front of terminal building.
Bus Buses connect with Ryanair flights and run to Altenburg bus station, Borna train station and Leipzig Hauptbahnhof Ostseite (main railway station). Journey time to Leipzig takes about 1 hour 15 minutes.
Train Nearest station is in Altenburg, with trains to Leipzig, Zwickau, Plauen, Gera, Weimar and Hof. From Leipzig station there is access to all long distance trains.

Quick Guide to the Sights of Leipzig Markt - Medieval Renaissance square in central Leipzig.
Altes Rathaus - Gorgeous 16th C. town hall with excellent local history museum.
Thomaskirche - 13th C. Gothic church which was used by Bach and Luther.
Museum in der Runden - Chilling displays in the former headquarters of the Stasi secret Communist Police.
Johan Sebastian Bach Museum - A tribute to the German composer's life.

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